Best Real Money iPad Roulette Apps

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games in the world. While there are a number of versions of roulette, almost everyone knows to bet on red or black. They theoretically have a 50/50 shot to win back their money. iPad roulette apps are growing in popularity as more and more people catch the bug to play roulette.

Roulette for iPad is made by a developer who has developed many other casino applications for the iPad. Roulette for iPad includes the only 3D roulette available for iPad owners. The app is also compatible with a wide range of iOS devices including the iPhone and the iPod touch. This allows individuals to roulette on any iOS device that they may own. There are three tables available for this app. An American table, a European table and a French table. Each of these tables offers a different perspective on how roulette works. Players can also have the wheel spin when no bets are made! iPad owners can enjoy Roulette for iPad for just $0.99.

Roulette World HD is another iPad app that focuses on roulette. Players can choose to be on numbers, black or red or odd/even. This application is available for free from the iPad app store. This application does not feature high quality graphics or amazing game play/sound effects as many of the apps that it is competing with do; however, the app simply allows players to play a few games of roulette anywhere they are using their iPad at.

Roulette HD is yet another iPad application that allows players to spin the roulette wheel. Roulette HD is popular because of its many customizable options. Players are able to adjust the sound, the spin of the wheel and other features within the app to their personal preference. This helps players to get used to playing roulette as well as assists veteran roulette players who are often very particular about how they want to play the game. Roulette HD also is an iPad only application. This means that this app was designed only for iPad users who know how an iPad works and how an application should perform. A history of the last numbers to appear on the wheel is displayed at the top of the screen as well as the bank/bet areas. Graphics and other statistics help players to keep track of their winning and losing of chips and other features.

There are a number of other roulette applications that attempt to compete for the roulette market on the iPad. However, Roulette for iPad, Roulette World HD and Roulette HD provide a number of features that most players will be looking for on their iPad roulette. Make sure that you download a roulette application for your iPad. You may just be surprised at how much you become addicted to spinning the wheel and seeing how much you are able to win!

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