Rogue Nations Sponsoring Terrorist Organizations By Proxy With Nukes

Rogue Nations Sponsoring Terrorist Organizations By Proxy With Nukes

If a rogue nation such as North Korea, Algeria, Iran, or Gaddafi’s Libya has nuclear weapons technology and one or more bombs, well yes, that’s a scary thing I’d say, and few could disagree. We wouldn’t want half of the African Nations with unstable governments and warlord like leaders having nukes. But even a rogue nation is better than terrorist group having a nuclear device. And even if a terrorist organization doesn’t have a nuke, if people believe they do, they can terrorize the dickens out of the free world. See that point.

Now then, what if a rogue nation realizing there will be repercussions if they detonate a nuclear device upon an enemy or soft target decides to have a proxy terrorist group do it for them? Well, if you think that would never happen then you don’t read spy novels, or you have not kept up on world events as you probably should have. Iran for instance does sponsor terrorist groups, or at least groups that our State Department has

designated as terrorist groups, in this case Hamas and Hezbollah. Indeed, Syria has some 10-different terrorist groups headquartered in their country. So, it is probably a good thing that Syria and Iran do not yet have nuclear weapons capabilities, but realize I said; “not yet!”

Why? Because it will not be long now, and further Iran is trading secretly with Venezuela, and FARC and other groups are in that region. This means if Iran gets the bomb, who is to say that such technology and further proliferation will not end up in both Syria and Venezuela. This stuff just isn’t very funny, and probably why the American People should be thankful that we have an intelligence community and that we are watching the foreign actors overseas.

Personally, I am not as worried as much about a nation having nukes, not even a rogue nation, well, yes I am a little worried about that, but I am very concerned with a terrorist organization with little or no accountability to anyone having a nuke, even just one, that’s scary indeed. Of course, the “Sum of All Fears” is a rogue nation giving a nuke to an international terrorist organization with an assignment to hit a large soft target of civilians somewhere in the world, which the terrorist group would gladly oblige and the rogue nation state would fully fund to insure that operation goes smoothly, then completely deny after the fact. That’s a real concern if you ask me, and even though you didn’t, I thought you should know.

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